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Asset Progression

Constantly heard the term "Asset Progression"​ and you wonder what it is?

Constantly receiving knocks on your door when your property has reached its 5 years MOP?

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What is Asset Progression?

It is to sell a class of asset to move onto another. 

Some people refer to this as upgrading to "better" property, however there are more important reasons as to why people venture into Asset Progression. 

Asset Progression provides you with additional financial options in the future and also play a part in your retirement plans. 

Do note that this would be relevant for:


Owners whose flat has reached its 5 years MOP or approaching MOP in a month's time


Owners with a combined income of $6,000 

and more! 

If you are looking into understand the property market,

please do not hesitate to reach out to me!


Yes, you read that right.

In addition to progressing from property to property, the underlying reason why I am advocating Asset Progression is to assist you in retirement planning. 

How many of you have actually thought of retirement in your 20s?
You would probably be more concerned about how the Interior Design is going to look in your future home. 

When you begin to settle down in your 30s, have you ever wondered how much you would need in your pocket to sustain your life after retirement once you stop working?

Sell HDB to buy Condo WITHOUT additional Cash Outlay?

Seen enough of "Sell 2 Buy 1", "Upgrading to Condo without forking out cash from pocket" advertisement?


Just how true is that?

Yes, it is possible.


But remember, there is no "One Size Fits All" approach.

What fits for others may not fit you. 

Many HDB owners are afraid and have a lot of worries when it comes to upgrading. 



All this can be achieved with

Detailed Financial Planning

and with my Asset Progression Strategy.

I will customise a personalised approach

especially for you. 

Let's meet for a FREE & NON-OBLIGATORY sharing session!

You will get access to the

 "6-Step Framework with Regine"

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What about a fully paid HDB?

Being "Debt Free" is a sense of security that everyone wants.


Often, most people clear off their existing housing loans with their CPF Ordinary Account balance. 


However, do you know that your CPF OA balance is crucial to your

future retirement?

You need to know how to use your CPF correctly and efficient,

or you may risk jeopardising your golden years. 


When you lock your CPF funds in your HDB flat, 

you are depleting your potential cash proceeds!

Let me explain the above:

Assuming you have $200,000 in your CPF Ordinary Account (OA), and you withdraw it to pay for your mortgage loan.

CPF used for housing



         CPF Interest           



What happens next?

You will stop earning the 2.5% interest from CPF



And you will have to PAY BACK the $200,000

plus the interest you would have earned if your CPF savings

had not been withdrawn for housing.

In 10 years, $200,000 will accumulate to $256,016

In 15 years, $200,000 will accumulate to $289,659

In 20 years, $200,000 will accumulate to $327,723

% for housing loan.png

In 10 years, interest lost is $56,016

In 15 years, interest lost is $89,659

In 20 years, interest lost is $127,723




After selling your HDB, you will have to pay back the interest.

That means, you have LESSER CASH PROCEEDS.

How do you prevent yourself from falling into this situation?

Let's meet for a FREE & NON-OBLIGATORY sharing session!

This sharing session will be tailored for you.

I will also be sharing about financial literacy to assist you to ensure that you are not over-stretching your finances.

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Understanding Your Needs & Wants


Share with me your thoughts and ideas and allow me to understand you better.

Professional Guidance


Sharing of property news and trends.
Answering all your questions and doubts. 

Lastly, providing you with a detailed financial calculation and planning.

Lasting Impact

Evaluation & Recommendations

We will conclude our discussion with a tailored approach according to your needs and comfortability.
I will also provide other recommendations for your consideration.

What are you waiting for? 

Get your hands on the 

"6 Step Framework with Regine"

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